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The silver clutch – the ultimate eye-catcher

Whether elegant, classy or completely classic, silver clutches are the perfect companion for grand entrances. With this evening bag, you are guaranteed to attract lots of admiring eyes to your outfit and be the centre of attention at the event. Have you always wanted to be in the spotlight and sparkle like a star in the night sky? Well, with our silver clutch, we can make that possible for you! It doesn't matter whether you're at your best friend's party or at a glamorous event. PICARD's silver clutch rocks every occasion with ease and gives your evening dress or fine wardrobe that certain something . Are you ready to shine? Then you should definitely stop by our online shop and let yourself be enchanted by our silver glitter clutch.

Silver is not the right color for you? No problem, we offer many otherevening bags and handbags, as well as various leather goods in a wide variety of colors and shapes. Our bags not only shine with their beautiful design, but also impress with their high-quality workmanship. What are you waiting for? Browse through our range and find your favorite piece today.

PICARD's clutch in silver – glamour at the highest level

As you have probably already heard, we at PICARD are known for our high-quality leather goods production. This is also reflected in our products. We attach great importance to details and consider "love" to be one of our secret ingredients. Not to forget our knowledge of fine leather crafts and traditional craftsmanship, which has been passed down from generation to generation! Just like with all the other products in our shop, this is also noticeable in the silver clutch . It is a "small" masterpiece, so to speak, and just right for anyone looking for a chic evening bag. Thanks to the design with a removable handle, our silver clutch can be worn and combined in a variety of ways - a silver clutch for all occasions, so to speak. First-class leather, including nappa cowhide, and practical magnetic fasteners take this already delicate event companion to a whole new level.

Sparkling lights, glittering stars and radiant designs. Who could resist? You can find all of this and much more in our silver clutches. "Quality over quantity" is our motto!

Clutch bag – silver shines, silver shines, silver goes with everything

A silver clutch can do more than many people think. Because this evening bag has it all. Do you want to know what exactly is so special? It not only transforms your evening dress into an absolute eye-catcher, but also manages to transform simpler combinations and classic looks into a breathtaking outfit with ease. So if you always want to be well-dressed, whether it's jeans or elegant skirts, you're doing everything right with the silver clutch. Did you think that was all? Not in the slightest, because this accessory can do so much more!

Silver is one of the neutral colors - despite its conspicuousness. That is what makes this trusty accessory so unique. Because no matter what style or color combination you choose, whether warm or colder tones, flashy or minimalist patterns: our clutch in silver compliments every outfit imaginable and is therefore one of the many indispensable evening bags. And as if that wasn't enough, they have been on trend for many years and are not going to leave the fashion market any time soon.

Silver clutch – the perfect it-piece for festive occasions!

Your sister's wedding is coming up, or maybe even your own? And you just can't find the perfect bag to go with your light green satin dress? Don't worry, PICARD's silver clutch will come to your rescue and let you shine in an elegant light. But the white lace dress, the black jumpsuit and even your wedding dress also go perfectly with the silver clutch. Because it's a real master of transformation!

The business dinner is only a few days away. Your navy blue pantsuit is too chic for the shopper and the handbag is simply out of the question, which is exactly when the silver clutch is perfect.

So you see, whether it's a Christmas party, a candlelight dinner or a birthday party with jeans and a blouse. Our silver clutch accompanies you to every imaginable event and lets you shine in a beautiful light. Always, everywhere and at any time, the silver clutch is faithfully by your side. A clutch is only suitable for festive occasions? Absolutely not! Stand out from the crowd, make a fashion statement and style your silver clutch for everyday use too! PICARD makes it possible.