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Black dog leash – the perfect accessory for your four-legged friend

When walking in fields, in the city, on trips or hikes, no matter where you are with your furry friend. When walking your dog, a dog leash should always be within reach. A stylish and high-quality black dog leash not only protects you from your darling running away, but also serves to ensure general safety. Even if the recall is good, sometimes the dog needs to be "taken by the hand". Many four-legged friends find it difficult to ignore the other dog, especially when they meet other dogs - unwanted contact and a confrontation can quickly arise.

A sturdy black dog leash can help you and your dog in such situations and support you during training. We want to take a closer look at what is important when buying a dog leash. After all, there is a very large selection of dog leashes. These include drag leashes, flexi leashes and also lead leashes.

Dog leash in black: leather as a robust material

The perfect dog leash is an essential accessory for every dog ​​owner and should be chosen carefully. After all, the leash should ideally not only look good, but also fit well, be easy to clean, durable and robust. That sounds like a lot of criteria that have to be met. So that you can concentrate on the finer things in life with your dog, we have used high-quality cowhide in our leashes for dogs. The luxury material leather is and remains a true leader when it comes to stability and durability . The almost tear-proof structure combined with an elegant design is the ideal everyday companion.

Match, rain, dirt or water, simply wipe away the traces of your adventures with a damp cloth. With a little leather care, the black dog leash will last a long time and over time will develop a charming patina that will remind you of every trip with your furry friend. Another advantage of leather leashes is that they are comfortable to wear. They fit well in the hand and do not slip away so quickly. It is no wonder that the black leather dog leash is the first choice for many dog ​​owners.

The classic and timeless color black also goes with every collar and every coat color. This makes combining things fun! So don't compromise when it comes to a good dog leash and get a handmade one from Picard.

Black dog leash – what to look for when buying

Buying a black dog leash shouldn't just be based on its appearance. Of course, this also plays a big role, but the overall package has to be right so that you are satisfied for a long time. So think about the following points so that you can find the ideal black dog leash.

  • Think about the length of the black dog leash. Standard dog leashes are about 2-3 meters long. In the city and in everyday life, the conventional length is the best choice. When hiking or in fields, for example, a longer dog leash can also be useful. So it all depends on the reason for the walk. The best thing? Our dog leashes are adjustable in length.
  • You should also pay attention to the material of your dog leash and find out about the different properties of the materials in advance. The Picard dog leashes in black are made of robust cowhide and are therefore particularly durable.
  • Manufacturing and quality as well as value for money. Your black dog leash should definitely be sturdy for safety. A thin fabric leash can break quickly, especially with large dogs that weigh more.

Adjustable length dog leash: goodbye to leash tangles

Our dog leashes are adjustable in length. So you can decide how far your dog can get away from you. Should your four-legged friend walk at heel when you go to town or can he sniff around a bit on the lawn? You decide! Particularly practical for training too. Teach your puppy to keep a tight radius from you right from the start. This will make it easier for you to run free later on. Avoid a mess of leashes and choose a leash with the option of an extension!

Leather goods at Picard

Your dog has now got a nice, new black dog leash? How about a reward for yourself? For example, a new women's backpack in which you can store all the important items that you and your furry friend need on a big trip. A water bottle, dog blanket, snacks and even a camera are all well kept in the backpack. A belt bag is ideal for small adventures - there is space for the most important things and your hands are free for petting!