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PICARD x Joan Twins

Our cooperation and the creation of a limited edition

We have been working regularly with the two influencers Melina and Elena, also known as the “Joan Twins”, since September 2018. The two are now part of our PICARD family.

In 2020, we launched the #schreibedasBlattneu campaign, for which white bags and backpacks were sent to influencers. “ In the Corona year, we at PICARD  received a great backpack. No pattern, completely white, radiantly beautiful! Matching the  “We painted the backpack ourselves for the #writethepagenew campaign,” said the Joan Twins. The Joan Twins have created a wonderful creation from the “Berlin” model backpack.

"We wanted to capture a moment that was very important to us before Corona. We are passionate concertgoers and the motif we chose was created at a Kiss concert."
- Joan Twins

The basis for the print on the backpack is the picture that was taken at this concert and drawn by the Joan Twins on their backpack with black markers, which ultimately led to this great print. This picture was then digitally printed directly onto the leather.

We were so impressed by the creative design of the two that we absolutely wanted to create a limited edition of the backpack. Each individual backpack was lovingly handcrafted in our PICARD factory in Obertshausen.