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Wallet in pink – an indispensable it-piece with practical use

Pink is kitschy? Not at all! A pink wallet is the ultimate trendsetter, because it brings color into your everyday life. Do you like it brighter? Then your wallet can be colored pink and you'll attract attention when paying. Pink is one of the trend colors and brings a good mood to your handbag. When choosing your wallet, however, you have to consider shape, function and size.

Find a pink wallet – which type are you?

You already know that your wallet should be pink . But do you also know what type of wallet you are? Do you prefer a large and voluminous wallet or a small and discreet wallet? At Picard you are spoiled for choice and can decide according to your needs.

Should your pink wallet be big enough for more than just change and a handful of bills? Do you also want to store numerous credit cards and photos of your loved ones in your wallet ? Then you should buy a wallet that has a zipper. It offers you more space inside for pictures, credit cards, vouchers and whatever else you carry with you on a daily basis.

If you are rather sparsely equipped and are looking for an unusual wallet for the next concert, then choose a smaller wallet with a classic flap closure. It is perfect for a stroll along the promenade or for a short shopping trip where you can leave your credit card at home.

Buy a wallet in pink – which color suits me?

There are countless pink purses, but they all have their own personal touch. It is a misconception that women prefer pink purses and men prefer black. As a man, you can also be an eye-catcher and carry a pink purse with you.

Regardless of gender, the question always arises as to what exactly the wallet in pink should look like. We differentiate between different color types. For a particularly subtle look, a classic old pink is suitable. It is less striking, but still a real eye-catcher . If you like it even lighter, the tone "rose quartz" is a good choice for you. Only a touch of red has been mixed in here, creating a delicate and soft pink.

Which wallet women use often depends on the handbag they choose. At Picard you will find everything you need. If you buy your wallet in pink, look for a handbag that suits your needs.

Leather wallet in pink – the easy-care material convinces

Would you like to buy a new wallet so that you can always be stylish when you're out and about? With the trendy color pink , you're playing it safe. But the decision when buying a wallet isn't just based on color. It's also important that you choose a high-quality material. This is where the stylish and elegant leather wallets in pink from Picard come into play.

Not only do they look great, they also offer you maximum durability. The feel of leather is unique, your pink wallet simply feels great in your hand. Have you stowed it in your large shopper bag and want to reach for it straight away? Then leather is your lucky charm, because thanks to the feel you will find it in no time.

Can you imagine that an old product looks even more beautiful than a new one? This is exactly the case with many types of leather. If you choose a pink leather wallet, you will have a companion by your side for years. The wear and tear process in leather is called "patina". Over the course of many years, a unique texture develops that every unusual wallet should have.

Unusual wallets for women – you can find them at Picard

Anyone can do standard, but you are self-confident, have your feet firmly on the ground and need a little more. With your new pink wallet you can bring color into play. Whether old pink for an elegant look or bright pink for an eye-catcher - you decide on your personality. Which wallet women use is not just a question of color. The shape also plays a decisive role!

The pink wallet has the advantage that it is a good choice for any occasion. Are you just going to the bakery or shopping at the market? A small wallet is enough for this. Pink is a trendy color, even for a simple coin purse, because it can liven up any outfit.

At parties, you never know where to put your smartphone? Your handbag is too small to fit your wallet and cell phone? How about a practical combination? Combination wallets offer space for your smartphone and several credit cards at the same time. The secure clip closure protects you from theft.

The highlight: you can simply hang the practical wallet & cell phone case over your shoulders. When you're partying, you'll have both hands free and you'll always be well-styled.

Why your next wallet has to be pink – set new trends!

Have you always been suspicious of pink? You don't want to be perceived as old-fashioned or romantic? Forget all the prejudices you've heard about pink. The color is an absolute eye-catcher and, above all, very trendy in 2023 .

If you don't want to change your entire wardrobe right away, you can set the perfect highlight with a pink purse. It completes your perfect all-day look and is always a good companion. Most of our customers have great difficulty choosing a suitable pink purse. Which purse is suitable?

As a stylish fashionista, you probably already know that one wallet is not enough. After all, there is not just one occasion, but many uses. Basically, your closet should contain at least three types of wallets:

  • A classic: The basic equipment includes a classic wallet in pink, which offers enough space for coins and banknotes as well as credit cards. With a length of 15 cm, you are perfectly served.
  • A wide wallet: Women love photos in their wallets, have a customer card here and there and therefore need space above all else. In addition to your classic wallet, you should always have an XL model with an elegant look. You can use this wallet for shopping when you really need all your cards.
  • The combination: If you often go out in the evenings and like to have both hands free, you also need a wallet with a combined cell phone compartment. Make sure it has a carrying strap, because only then will you really have your hands free.

Wallet in pink: Discover the top selection at Picard!

Are you still looking for a stylish everyday companion and should your wallet be pink? Then you are guaranteed to find the right wallet for you at Picard. We offer elegant wallets for today's modern woman, not just in pink, but in numerous trendy colors. Choose from various materials and designs. Our chic wallets made of pink leather are a particularly popular product.

They bring a splash of color into your life and are particularly durable thanks to their high-quality workmanship. With the pink wallet you are sure to be an eye-catcher at every checkout. Of course, we at PICARD are aware of the flexibility of needs. That's why we offer you not only standard wallets, but a wide range of models for every need.

You decide whether you prefer to wear a combined ladies' cell phone case with a wallet in pink or whether a classic purse is enough for you. By the way: A PICARD purse in elegant pink is also a great choice as a gift for your best friend , sister or loved one. You are guaranteed to bring joy, because our purses are long-lasting companions in every situation.