Armbänder als Zeichen der Solidarität

Bracelets as a sign of solidarity

„I am incredibly happy about the generous donations from customers, suppliers, our employees, PICARD fans, friends and family. This is true solidarity in the most human sense, helping people in need."

- Georg Picard

With our #picardfamily bracelets in the Ukrainian national colours, we as the PICARD crew would like to set a sign of solidarity and support the aid organisation Dobrochynez at our Ukrainian production site in Mukachevo with our fundraising campaign. The small aid organisation has been supported by our Ukrainian plant manager Mr. Didenko on a voluntary basis for several years and is currently taking care of the many refugees arriving in Mukachevo and the surrounding area.

Due to the overwhelming and continuing support of our customers, suppliers, employees, PICARD fans, friends and family, a small sign of solidarity has turned into a wonderful, ongoing and strong campaign! And due to the many requests for our #picardfamily bracelets, our team in the manufactory here in Obertshausen acted quickly and produced more bracelets for you! Of course by hand, with a lot of attention to detail and made of high-quality leather.

With the #picardfamily bracelet you can wear a sign of solidarity and do good at the same time:

For every bracelet sold, 5 € will go directly to our donation account! With the donations, we continue to support the aid organisation Dobrochynez, which cares for needy refugees on the ground in Mukachevo and the surrounding area. We were already able to transfer 45,000 € to the aid organisation!

You can find more information here.

The bracelet in the Ukrainian national colours is adjustable in size with a silver-coloured buckle and has a subtle silver print.

We thank you very much for the great support!

We are #picardfamilyStanislav Didenko, PICARD Werkleiter vor Ort in MukatschewoWeitere Helfer:innen bei der Spendenübergabe

Our donation account is still open and the aid organisation Dobrochynez in Mukachevo is happy about every little support. All donations will be forwarded to the aid organisation quickly and unbureaucratically.

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