Unsere Geschenkideen zum Muttertag

Where would we be without our mothers? They are always there when you need them, make everything possible when you think it's impossible and give us endless love. They are our everyday heroines who keep our world moving.

Mother's Day is the perfect occasion to give something back to mums and make them happy as a token of appreciation. As there are so many wonderfully different mums in this world, we have collected our personal gift ideas for you, suitable for every mum.

The elegant mum

Whether she's going for a stroll around town, having coffee with friends or heading to the office, your mum is always smartly dressed and never misses the chance to make an extravagantly elegant entrance. Be it with a modern clutch or even a chic doorstop at home, your mum turns everything into an eye-catcher!

The creative mum

Your mum is always working on a creative project, whether it's a large painting, repainting the kitchen wall or knitting a jumper herself. Her creative streak also shows in her bag style, whether it's the shopper with a fancy pattern that offers plenty of space for wool and knitting needles, or the practical toolbag for DIY projects.

The working mum

Your mum is a business lady who has not only organised her tight daily schedule but also her stylish outfits? So that she always appears at her meetings well prepared and with confidence, a spacious laptop bag or a stylish shopper that keeps all the important things together is an absolute must-have!

The adventurous mum

Always on the go, whether on a hike in the mountains, eating ice cream with friends or on city trips. Your mum loves to do things and is already looking forward to her next adventure. So it's important that she can store all her favourite things in a functional yet stylish way.

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