Neue Marketingleitung bei PICARD

Emine Heuter took over as Head of Marketing at PICARD on 1 February and is responsible for strategic and operational brand management in both the retail and wholesale sectors. Heuter brings with him over ten years of experience in marketing and has most recently specialised in digital marketing with a focus on social media.

"Digital marketing channels in particular offer us unique opportunities to tell stories. Stories about brands, companies and their products, but above all stories about people and values. From my point of view, the PICARD company history and the associated values are predestined to be able to tell emotionally charged stories and I am very much looking forward to this," says Emine Heuter, Head of Marketing at PICARD Lederwaren GmbH & Co KG.

Together with Johannes Montag, Head of E-Commerce, the marketing specialist leads a team of seven people and reports directly to the Managing Director Georg Picard.

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