Nachorder über neuen Shop bei Fashion Cloud

Obertshausen, 01. August 2023 - The renowned German leather goods manufacturer
PICARD is taking the next step in the digitalisation of sales and is launching its shop in the Fashion Cloud. PICARD has already been making its marketing and product content available to its retailers via the Fashion Cloud for many years. Now, the German family-owned company also offers the possibility to order directly on the shop floor via the Fashion Cloud web platform or the linked Clara app.

PICARD's new shop on Fashion Cloud makes it easier for retail partners to access the wide range of first-class products,
PICARD's new shop on Fashion Cloud allows retail partners to access its wide range of premium products more easily, process orders more efficiently and check stock availability in real time. This is another step towards meeting the needs and requirements of retail partners and intensifying cooperation.

"The order connection to the Fashion Cloud is a further building block in the
digitalisation of our sales. In addition to our own B2B shop, marketplaces such as Faire or Ankorstore and now the reorder option via Fashion Cloud and the linked Clara app, we pick up our retailers where it is most convenient for them. We want to make our contribution to digitising the leather goods industry and are making great strides in doing so."

PICARD successfully launched its own B2B shop in October 2022, which
offers a modern design, simple mobile-optimised handling and an excellent filter option.
The shop was already accepted at that time with overwhelmingly positive dealer feedback. With the shop at Fashion Cloud, PICARD now offers another option for B2B customers to place repeat orders.

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