„PICARD x Joan Twins”

PICARD launches limited backpack with creators Joan Twins 

Obertshausen, October 2021. With a black marker, endless creativity and   a knack for design, a very special collector's piece was created. 

PICARD has been working regularly with the two influencers Melina and Elena (on Instagram @joan_twins) since September 2018. The two of them are now real PICARD fans and have visited the leather goods manufacturer's factory several times. They continually share their enthusiasm for the brand with their community. 


In 2020, PICARD launched the #writedasBlattneu campaign, for which white bags and backpacks were sent to influencers. “In the Corona year we received   a great backpack from PICARD. Without a pattern, completely white, radiantly beautiful! In keeping   with the #writethepapernew campaign, we painted the backpack ourselves,” say the Joan Twins.  Twins. 

The Joan Twins have created a wonderful creation out of the “Berlin” backpack. “We wanted to capture a moment that was very important to us before Corona. We are passionate concert goers and the motif we chose was created at a Kiss concert,” said the Joan Twins. 

The creation was so well received by PICARD that it was made into a limited edition. Every single backpack is lovingly handcrafted in the PICARD factory in Obertshausen. In November the time has finally come and the backpack will be available exclusively in the PICARD online shop in a limited edition of 50 pieces on November 14, 2021 from 2 p.m. Every “PICARD x Joan Twins” backpack is made in Germany. Hand made. And with love.

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