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Black dog collar – large selection at PICARD!

One of the very first accessories you buy for your cute furry friends is usually the dog collar and leash. However, you've probably already noticed that there are many options on the market. Unusual colors, patterns and various materials. It's easy to lose track - you're spoilt for choice. But don't worry. With us, you're in exactly the right place at the right time.

What luck, because we offer you high- quality dog ​​collars in black , which easily meet all the requirements of a good dog collar and also look super chic. But what makes our dog collars in black so special and what important aspects should you pay close attention to before buying? You will find out all this and much more below - because for good leash walking and the necessary safety, a suitable collar is an absolute must!

Black dog collar – this is what you should pay particular attention to when buying!

Buying a dog collar should be well thought out, because there is more at stake than just how stylish it looks. To ensure that you are well informed, we have compiled all the essential factors for you.

The right fit and size for the dog collar

The rule of thumb here is that there should be about 1-2 finger widths between the collar and the dog's neck. The black dog collar should not be too loose, so that your darling slips out of it when you go for a walk, but it shouldn't be too tight either. It's all about finding the happy medium. In this case, you can't go wrong with PICARD's dog collars, as they are adjustable in size and are therefore ideal for many four-legged friends.

The pressure of a black dog collar should always be distributed optimally on the neck, so it is better for it to be a little wider than too narrow. If your dog wears a collar that is too tight, it can cause injuries and negatively affect the wearing comfort. Of course, the size of the furry noses plays a decisive role. Smaller dogs prefer a slightly narrower collar.

To make sure your four-legged friend is comfortable, you should choose a black dog collar that is not too hard and has slightly rounded edges. You can also make sure that it feels comfortable in your hand. There is still a good layer of fur between the collar and the dog's skin, but it can still be helpful for the initial assessment.

Safety and design combined in one collar

A collar will offer you one or more rings to hook the leash into. D-shaped rings are best because they don't slip as quickly as round rings. A dog collar should also have a secure closure. This is particularly important and should not be neglected under any circumstances for safety reasons. That's why we use sturdy pin and snap fasteners for the closure type.

The best thing about a black collar is that it goes with any fur color and any dog ​​leash. Combining them is particularly easy, offers lots of options and is fun . If you want a complete set, then you're in good hands with us. At PICARD you're guaranteed to find the matching leather dog leash for every collar .

Black dog collar for large dogs – what should you consider?

It is extremely important to choose a very wide dog collar, especially for very large dogs. Dog breeds such as Great Danes, Ridgebacks or St. Bernards need robust and stable collars. It is best to look for a durable material, such as the cowhide we use , as well as a good, high- quality locking mechanism . Stable clasps are essential, particularly because stronger dogs can sometimes pull a little harder. More delicate models simply do not give your four-legged friend enough support and, in the worst case, can quickly tear or injure the dog. The black dog collar in sizes M and L is a good choice for your large dog.

Black dog collars for small dogs – what is important?

For the little furry friends you will find collars in sizes S and XS in our range . Ultimately, the length, weight and width should be tailored to the smaller neck so that the dog does not feel uncomfortable or disturbed. Otherwise, the same applies as for the larger four-legged friends. A collar should fit well to ensure safety and be of good quality for a longer lifespan.

Black dog collars for four-legged friends – what variations are there?

First of all, you should find out about the different types of black dog collars in order to find the most suitable one for your darling. The following types of collar are the most common and are often used depending on the dog and the occasion:

  1. The collar with the pin buckle: This is probably the most popular variant. This is a classic dog collar that is comfortably placed around the neck and closed with a so-called pin buckle. You can also find beautiful and robust dog collars in black with buckle closures in our online shop.
  2. Adjustable length collars: This is especially important if you have a puppy at home and it grows a little more every few weeks. Otherwise you would have to keep buying a new black dog collar. But even for adult dogs, the adjustable length is not a bad thing, for example if they gain or lose weight. Do you know what the best thing is? All of our black dog collars are adjustable in size ! No matter which one you choose, you will always have this practical function with you.
  3. Luminous collars: These are particularly suitable for walks in the dark. This way, you can always keep an eye on your furry friend, even when you're out walking for longer, and drivers and cyclists can also see your dog more easily. The only disadvantage is that these collars have to be recharged again and again and are usually made of plastic.
  4. Collar with a snap fastener: These models are similar to those with a pin buckle. These collars are placed around the neck of the four-legged friend in the same way and are securely fastened with a click fastener.

Conclusion: It's not a question of whim or mood. Choosing the ideal black dog collar depends primarily on the breed and size of your dog, as well as the needs of your dog. You should also, of course, attach great importance to the collar being comfortable to wear and think about the occasion for which you want to use it. For everyday use, we recommend an adjustable collar with a buckle closure or a pin buckle.

Black dog collar – that’s why leather is so special!

Our black leather dog collars are particularly popular. The natural material is not only classy and stylish, but also extremely robust and impressively durable. Since most four-legged friends like to jump into the odd puddle or roll around in the mud on rainy days, our black dog collar is just the thing, because it couldn't be easier to care for. Wipe it with a damp cloth, treat it with leather care - and it will shine like new again. The wildest adventures can come - thanks to its durability . As the icing on the cake, our leather collars for dogs also look really good.

So choose a good leather collar for your furry friend and enjoy the quality for a long time without having to constantly buy a new collar. We at PICARD know what we're talking about because leather is our specialty.

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