Values such as attentiveness to resources and our environment are particularly close to our hearts. Therefore, we have decided to develop a "Green Line". These series are particularly nature-friendly and made from sustainable materials. Our Green Line is made with PICARD quality as it is known and appreciated. For us, sustainability does not mean that the designs look green, brown and boring. On the contrary, the "Green Line" series are very modern and at least as stylish as our other lines. Our "Green Lines" are composed of the following collections: The Sassari collection, which is made on the basis of LEFA; the Palermo collection, which is made of recycled plastic; and the Wave collection, which is made of biodegradable leather.


LEFA leather fiber is obtained from leather scraps and consists of 90% renewable raw materials. In leather production, large quantities of leather fibers (shavings) are produced during folding, which are used for LEFA production. LEFA is therefore a sensible use of resources because it is produced from production waste from leather manufacturing. The so-called "bonded leather" (English name for LEFA) is durable and forms a similarly beautiful patina as real leather. What used to be offcuts, can now be process into contemporary collections that are almost on a par with real leather. The base material of this collection is already certified with Standard 100 by OEKO TEX®. This means that the collection has been tested for health safety and the production facilities have been tested for socially and environmentally compatible production conditions.


The perfect way to return materials to the recycling loop in a variety of ways is the so-called upcycling. In this process, resources can be conserved and already existing materials can be processed into high-quality and stylish bags. In upcycling, waste/by-products (such as leather) are upgraded and become a new product. This contemporary thought has inspired us to create a timelessly beautiful collection. In the process of recycling, fabrics that have already been used are revalued. Already existing fabrics are reused and recycled. The Palermo series proves how beautiful and stylish sustainability can look.
In the Palermo collection, similar to LEFA, resources can be conserved through the process of recycling. Here, recycled plastic gets a new purpose. The collection components are recycled solvent-free plastic and water-based plastic. In addition, polyester and polyurethane recycled by consumers is revalued and can be reused.


The leather in the Wave collection is tanned without chrome or metal, making it 100% biodegradable without harming the environment. This means that finished products can be biodegraded without releasing pollutants into the soil. The use of chemicals has been reduced from six to one, which makes a significant difference in terms of sustainability. Due to shorter process phases, less energy is required. In addition, less water than usual is needed for dyeing and the water used for dyeing can be reused in the subsequent lime process. Salt residues in the used water are reduced by at least 80% in the production process of the Wave collection, as no additional salt is added in the process.

"With our new sustainability goals, we want to make it clear that for us, sustainability is an investment in the future and for the next generations."

- Georg Picard